Pollywood Film Production Summit

Brand Identity, Logo Design
May 2019

Pollywood is a term and a brand created by polish film producer and professor at The City College Of New York Andrzej Krakowski.

The idea behind the brand is to spread awareness about polish people who took a part in creating and developing hollywood film industry through the years.

Final eagle shape with hand-drawings.

With the initiative of, among others Michał Tyszkiewicz, founder of Bytom Film Festival and Andrzej Krakowski a new event is about to start.

There are three formats of activity under main Pollywood brand.

The first is Pollywood Film Festival, which is producers dedicated event, mix of a business summit and cultural festival. Along with festival exist Pollywood Today and Pollywood On Tour brands, which are blog website and series of events in different locations.

The goal of this project was to create
an identity for the brand.

A logo with symbol, which would be
the foreground for all brand branches
needed to be established.

Explanation of the symbols.
Color palette

Shapes along with colors create a line of connected,
but clear in message logotypes.

The chosen font creates a bold feeling and is a good fit for the eagle symbol in the detail of letters.

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